WIP: More Primaris Red Scorpions

I've managed a bit more progress on my Red Scorpions Primaris Marines. The plasma toting chaps (still not quite got to grips with the new names) and one of the lieutenants have had the black and silver done. Next up the black wash on the armour.

WIP: Red scorpions

As usual I can't resist tinkering so they now have a yellow left knee to break up the grey of the lower body. You may also detect some shiny shoulder pads as I've put some gloss on them in preparation for the transfers. Wish me luck... 

Microset and Microsol

These just arrived so I can start putting some transfers on my Red Scorpions Primaris Marines. I've never used them before so any advice is more than welcome. 

A New Project

A new project. The first squad are finished except for transfers and weathering. Can you guess what chapter I'm going for?